Blowing a new wind through the world, pushing forward with business development,
and always challenging itself to new things, Glocal embodies the idea of Local = understanding the local flavors and
characteristics, and Global = involving the entire world.
Lizer (Adviser, Organizer, Laser) embodies the idea of speedily proposing support of customers who,
with an overflowing youthful power, are considering an overseas expansion.

Centering around international market research with achievement based compensation,
we commit ourselves to the boosting of local enterprises,
and the creating of opportunities for overseas expansion for Japanese businesses.
For this, quickly knowing the local market and localizing is necessary,
so we broaden overseas expansion to outside of just the Philippines,
with a focus on ASEAN. Without forgetting the pride of being Japanese, we aim to be a business that boosts developing countries
and that conveys the magnificence of Japan to the world.



Our company is a business that expands web promotion with one step through market research, with a focus on "market research with achievement based compensation".
We are making a company that shakes things up in Japan from overseas, that makes full use of the three sacred treasures of "twenties", "overseas", and "independence", and that boosts Japanese businesses.
To not disappoint our partner businesses that continue to give us their support, we are creating a presence that will be called "Asia's GLOCALIZER".



Kusakiri, born in 1985 in Tokyo, joined his father's company in 2007. Two years later, he was entrusted with the position of manager of an affiliated company. After three years of strict training under his father, he went his own way, and joined Adways Inc. in 2010 as a sales rep. In his first year of joining the company, he established a Philippine web business as the general manager of overseas operations. In June of the following year, 2012, he retired and established GLOCALIZER. And so, we arrive at the present.

C.E.O. Yuta Kusakari
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